Module 3 Post

From Bates:

1. Take one of your courses, and analyze how social media could be used in your course. In particular:

  • what new learning outcomes could the use of social media help develop?

  • While I am sure we could develop new learning outcomes by adding social media I think a better use of resources would be to enhance how we are getting our students to the desired learning outcomes. If I allocate resources to add social media to the course and can give the students a more solidified base of knowledge our courses would be better and students graduating with a better knowledge of computer science (graduating from either the class or the program).

    1. If I looked at one learning outcome that could be added to a course in my program I would say that we could work more diligently to develop a portfolio. It is common knowledge within computer science that employers want to see projects before they hire someone. If we added an e-portfolio set up and expected student to build on this their career perspectives may improve and it would be part of the curriculum.

  • would it be better just to add social media to the course or to re-design it around social media?

  • I think that social media is such an ingrained part of society today that for my courses which have been designed less than 1 year ago. The best option would be to add social media to them. One way that I think would make the largest aspect but would not be an easy way for me to add social media to my courses would be to add multi - player games. In our courses we want to make sure that our courses are implemented a sense of community and by adding an interactive game to the course we would be able to give the students a fun way to practice and their coding skills and a place to be competitive and work together to improve skills.

2. Are you (still) skeptical about the value of social media in education? What do you see as its downsides?

  • As a person that has grown up with social media I believe that the value is large. It is such an ingrained part of our society that instead of try to keep it out of the classroom why would we not utilize a tool that students are familiar with and use regularly to enhance education.

  • One downside might be that it will need to be structured in a way that the students do not focus on their social lives during course time. I do however see this as a valuable skill we need to be ingraining into education especially in distance education. Our courses need to be helping people develop better time management skills, and other life skills that the enhancement of technology is causing people to need and not have the ability to develop on their own.