Module 1 Post

One of the objectives about this module is to Explain the role of epistemology in learning theory. This was my favorite learning objective. I got incredibly interested in the idea that the concept of Knowledge as we define it could be changing. This also is speaking right to me. I one time was called “the most confident incompetent person at the table” This was meant in a perfectly nice and loving way. What my coworker meant was that I always had something to say in the conversation and it was normally insightful but I rarely can remember specifics or details about where I saw/read/hear this information.

I can take this back to one of the many things I can’t remember where I heard it but Linkedin sounds like a good place. This is that Millennials and generations to come hold one fo the most powerful skill sets and they don’t realize how important it is. The ability to google nearly everything and have it implemented or on a basic level understood within a workday. This is especially valuable when we think about designing courses and how this should change our course scaffolding. I still believe that we should be giving all the pieces and not leaving the googling up for grabs but how are we facilitating the ability to pick things up quickly from small youtube tutorials. How is education going to change when a person does not need to remember that they read that in the Wall Street journal or the dusty book at the library but can recall new studies that were advertised to them through facebook?

Some find this scary. It is so incredibly exhilarating and exciting to me!

The final objective is to Discuss the relationships among traditional DE theory, learning theory, and current practices in online teaching and learning. I think after completing this module I can hold a higher level conversation about theory and current practices. The thing this module really helped me with though was a thing I see all the time when we bring in new faculty to our online program. Many of these faculty have never learned how to teach or how learning is done from a behavioral science perspective. It means on campus one of the biggest challenges is not always the material the students have to learn but how they are being taught it. As with everything online the problem is only multiplied. While there are differences between how to teach online and the theories are implemented in choice manners to bring out the strengths in different manners the real interesting thing that I think will help me in my current position when helping a ten-year faculty member teach more effectively is that they can use these skills to have an easier time teaching both online and on campus. I can’t think of a single faculty who would not want to have an easier time with their job.