May 31st - Module 1

This week I learned something inadvertently. It has been a few years since I got my undergraduate degree. While I worked full time during that process as well, my priority was always school then work. This time around I am forced to prioritize work, family and then school. This is an interesting change in realizing it affects my time management. Theoretically the number of hours work out for it to all happen and happen on time. Simply put I dropped the ball this week. It is the first real week of full class work and I did not hit the deadlines I set for myself or the deadlines for two of my classes. This prompted a late night thought process of how as distance educators and facilitators do we help our students with this. Distance education is a different process than most people have experienced. Are we building courses and experiences that guide adults through learning? Are we teaching enough time management skills? This is an interested concept to try and grasp when you couple it with how much hand holding is appropriate for the level of course we are developing. How much does this play a part in the fashion of pedagogy one believes in? Does making a realization on this affect my personal beliefs of what online education should be and what it should entail? These are truly thought provoking questions and I don’t have answers yet. I would love to be able to say at the end of the semester I understand more fully the answers to these questions and more.

Here is to hoping I can make a better week for week 3 of my courses!

Emilie Austin