May 29th - Module 1

While reading the second chapter of Bate’s text book this week I have been struck by the thought that knowledge can and in my opinion should be defined by not just the information I can retain in my mind but also by my ability to know where to find information and locate more detailed specifics on topics. I was particularly struck by this for two reasons. One is from my childhood, When I was probably a third grader I can remember a teacher calling my resourceful after I had to ask her for a copy of the reference material I wanted to use for the third time. It struck me as interesting that she thought I was being resourceful when I felt like I was being forgetful and disorganized.

This memory recently came back up when I decided to take a Strengths Based Leadership assessment. I rediscovered that my strongest strength personally and in my career is learning. Not mastery but the concept of initial information. One of the professional development plans that this set me on what building a robust database where I save all kind of information that is now available at my fingertips. It can share information quickly, I can refresh on topics before meetings or briefings. I believe strongly after these two experiences that knowledge has changed and distance education needs to be working to help accommodate this and teach students how to navigate a world where we are inundated with information, not all of which is good information.