6/19/18 - Learning Journal entry

This is my first learning journal in many years. As I remember them being difficult for me to maintain throughout the semester, I will be implementing a system for myself where I break up my entries based on how the rubric is set up. I am optimistic that these will get easier to maintain as the course moves forward.

This is technically still pre-week, which the main purpose is orientation. As such, I have had access to the syllabus for 19 days already, so I have been familiarizing myself with the logistics of the course. I have also reviewed how to use LEO ensuring nothing has changed from the copy of the syllabus I was given at the beginning of the month.

I find LEO to be very easy to use, which is a wonderful discovery. I am disappointed to find out that everything for week 1 is locked until tomorrow morning at 9 am. If this is a pattern that continues this will hinder my workflow greatly. The good news is, I have already completed the readings for the “Getting Started WEEK”. This allows me to get an early start on the Module 1 readings, even though the content is still locked.

I am looking forward to being able to get the ball rolling tomorrow with the first official week of the Course.

Feeling optimistically cautious,

Emilie Austin